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My good friend Graham Williamson, promoter of many initiatives supporting individuals and people’s liberties and self-determination, is now, together with Wayne John Sturgeon, editor of the Fourth World Review (4WR), recently relaunched as a “treeless” magazine.

In the latest issue, n° 153 - Winter 2011, Graham himself interviewed me, focusing on past and present struggles for independence in Sicily. Many other interesting articles are available in the free copy of the magazine you can find attached to this post.

The 4WR slogan is: «For Small Nations, Small Communities, Small Farms, Small Industries, Small Banks, Small Fisheries and the Inalienable Sovereignty of the Human Spirit». Here is a message from the founder John Papworth:

 Friends: This issue is the first in over a year – but I’m sure you’ll agree that the wait was worth it!  Indeed, I’m delighted to say that 4WR has been re-launched on the basis of its founding editorial policy.


The new joint editors are Wayne John Sturgeon and Graham Williamson.  I am now serving as an Editorial Board member. 


Graham and Wayne aim to further popularise the ideas of Kohr, Schumacher and myself and promote them to a worldwide audience.  Initially, they intend to do this by producing 4WR in e-zine format. This literally means that we can send copies of this issue all over the world just with the click of a ‘send’ button! Hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds a year will be saved in printing, postage and packing costs (unless there are a couple of millionaires out there willing to bankroll full-colour printed copies?). 


Any money saved can be used elsewhere in promoting our ideals.  Indeed, Graham and Wayne are very interested in establishing 4WR internet-based TV and radio stations.

The new joint editors have agreed to host this new issue to prevent it being lost to history. They regard the threat of globalisation - which

leads to the centralisation of power - is threat to our belief that ’small is beautiful’ and the ideas contained within 4WR are now required more than ever!

The main features of issue 153 include a series of several exciting (and wide-ranging) interviews. Those interviewed include:

TIM BRAGG: Tim has been described as “a provocative intellectual renegade.” He is an accomplished musician, published author, Green thinker and activist.

J.NEIL SCHULMAN: As a supporter of Agorism, J Neil Schulman is an advocate of counter-economic activism. He is also author of Alongside Night.

PETER CHALLON: Peter is a member of the Christian Council For Monetary Justice.  He also co-authored Seven Steps to Justice

JOHN PAPWORTH: I am the founder and patron of Fourth World Review. I’ve written several books and also founded Resurgence  

magazine. My latest book - Why Schools of Politics and Economics Should Be Closed Down - was published on Monday 14 November.

We’ve also introduced a new series - Raising a Voice for Small Nations. This includes a plea to stop the genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka and an overview of Sicilian independence. (Please note that English is not the first language of those who wrote these articles. We were uncomfortable editing everything into ‘perfect’ English, as this would lose some of the ‘feel’ of their articles. However, we believe that 4WR readers will get the ‘gist’ of what they are saying).

As usual, we’re very interested in your feedback. In particular, let us know if there’s anyone that you’d like us to interview. (Also, what do you think of the idea of 4WR not only interviewing those who agree with our views, but also those who would challenge our views?). If you run any publications/websites etc perhaps you would like to review this issue?

We’re also keen to talk to different individuals and/or groups who favour some form of autonomy or independence. If you know anyone who fits the bill, please let us know.

Finally, we’d appreciate your views on the new look 4WR.


John Papworth

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